The Making of an iPhone App

So with a million apps in the App Store, it’s clear that a lot of people out there who already know how to build an iPhone app. However, for those who love an inside look or those of you who have an idea and aren’t sure where to start, this series of posts may be just what you’re looking for.

In this post, and several more, we’ll cover many aspects of creating and launching an app for iOS. We’ll leave coding details to the reader, but we’ll cover the interesting macro bits like team building, idea creation, product definition, and marketing. On the MediaBox team, we’re learning as we go and want to share all of it with you. MediaBox is an experiment in team building, product simplification, and customer-driven development.

An early design concept that we created using Balsamiq. See the rest of the design concept here. When we launch, you’ll see how far we deviated from these early concepts. However, they served well as an early guideline and a few of the ideas did stand the test of time.

Here are some project metrics I thought might be interesting. More to come!

  • Team Size at project start: 5
  • Team Size currently: 2
  • Alpha testing group: 6
  • Commits on Github: 170
  • Month with most commits: June 2013 (44)
  • Project start date: March 2013
  • Elapsed time planning: 2 months
  • Elapsed time development: 7 months
  • Elapsed time to first alpha: 5 months
  • Lines of code: 3920
  • When we usually code: 8-11PM
  • % team with iOS experience: 50%
  • Business model: Affiliate Revenue
  • Budget to date: $70
  • Launch date: soon!

Be a part of our iOS app experiment and catch all of our free content as we march toward the launch date of mediabox!

Next Week: “Building a Side Project Team”

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